The Story

Just a car enthusiast that wants to cater to other car enthusiast and make a mark in the automotive industry. I love doing research on new & used cars, specifically the European & Japanese market. I have always enjoyed all automobiles and even motorcycles. I have had my fair share of different cars growing up.


Having the love for research and being able to sell parts, I decided to create XE Autosport in 2012. I loved being around cars and car enthusiasts. Seeing my clients' excitement and satisfaction is the best feeling in the world. This is like a dream job to me. I have dealt with many clients and made friends over the years and it was a blessing.

Due to personal reasons, I wasn't able to juggle everything I had going on in life and had to close the shop down in 2014. Sometimes in life, you have to prioritize what is important. For me the latter was more important at the time, because of family and having other businesses to tend to. Time sure flies when you are having fun. Four years later, I am determined to reboot XE Autosport and making it even better than before. Looking forward to meeting more potential clients and friends.


I want to thank God, without Him none of this would be possible. To my family, friends, clients, and supporters I appreciate you all having my back all this time. Never forget about your day 1 supporters. Those people are the real ones. They are the ones who supported you while you struggled, and never turned their backs on you because they believed in you. "Never Forget the Day 1's"  Wake up every day and live like it is your last. We are never promised tomorrow. 


I want to take XE Autosport as far as it can go. Sky is the limit and we only limit ourselves when we think we can't. Would love to see XE Autosport get involved  and compete in different motorsport racing and make a name for ourselves nationwide. We would love to cater to all markets (Import, Domestic, European, even Trucks & SUVs) Gotta keep pushing, you never know how far you can go without trying.

"Stagnation kill Dreams"

Stay blessed,

- H. Le